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Below are some answers to questions you might have regarding the Christian Party.


1) Why should I register my political affiliation with the Christian Party?

Together we can do amazing exploits for God!


2) Why should I "Join the User Community"?

As a member you will have future access to premium content.


3) Is there a Christian Party candidate to vote for in 2008?



4) Why isn't there someone running for office representing the Christian Party?

It would take 88,991 registered Christian Party members to present a candidate on the ballot as "Christian".


5) If I register with the Christian Party, can I still vote for another political party?

Yes.  Once you walk into the voting booth, you can vote for whomever you choose.


6) So, if I register with the Christian Party, I can vote for whomever I want and still help the Christian Party now?



7) How do I do register with the Christian Party?

If you live in California, you can become a member of the Christian Party by going online to and filling out their registration form.  When asked to select the Political Party of your choice, click on "Other" and type in Christian Party.