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Direct Democracy

How Voting Works

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Each issue that your representative votes on, you decide!


Here is an example of how the voting would take place.  Say, the legislative branch of your state's government just voted to make marriage legal between and man and a man or a woman and a woman.  Let's also say that the governor of your state is a member of the Christian Party.


The governor would call a vote on this issue.  The timeframe for voting would be set and publicized on the website.  During the voting period, each participating member would log onto the website via their account and vote.  At the end of the voting period, the votes would be counted and the will of the majority would prevail.  Our elected Christian Party representative, the governor, would officially vote according to the majority.


Here are some further details concerning the voting process:

1) Only members of the Christian Party can vote.

2) Only members who created a user account on the website will have access to vote.

3) When members vote, they must base their decision on the Bible.  Specifically, the member must select the book of the Bible as well as the chapter (no verse is required) that best captures the wisdom behind their vote.

4) After the vote is tabulated, party officials will publish the following: a) The percentage of members "For" and "Against" an issue.  b)  The top five book and chapter combinations that were most often cited in voting "For" or "Against" an issue.


We understand that not every Christian will vote the same way.  However, by publishing the statistics of each vote, we hope every Christian would read over the chapters that were cited "For" and "Against" an issue.  Even if you were part of the majority, it would be beneficial to read what others chose.  If you were in the minority, you should definitely read what the majority chose and ask the Holy Spirit to give you further counsel.  Through this exchange, we hope that the church will become more united in their mission to serve Jesus and see people receive salvation.


If you live in California, you can become a member of the Christian Party by going online to and filling out their registration form.  When asked to select the Political Party of your choice, click on "Other" and type in Christian Party.  Thank you and God Bless America!


Note: If you live outside of California and want the Christian Party in your state, write to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Established in 2008, the Christian Party has as its goal to implore government to safeguard its citizens most treasured asset, their soul.