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Direct Democracy

We are the First

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The Christian Party is the first party to promote direct democracy in the USA.


When it comes to leadership, we have no better guide than the Holy Spirit!  This is the founding principal of the Christian Party.  As a party member, you can vote on current issues occurring at local, state and federal levels of government.  How?


As a member of the Christian Party, you can vote on each issue of importance to you, right on the website.  Our elected Christian Party representatives would then take the results from that vote and then officially vote according to the majority.


If you live in California, you can become a member of the Christian Party by going online to and filling out their registration form.  When asked to select the Political Party of your choice, click on "Other" and type in Christian Party.  Thank you and God Bless America!


Note: If you live outside of California and want the Christian Party in your state, write to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


Established in 2008, the Christian Party has as its goal to implore government to safeguard its citizens most treasured asset, their soul.